Fætter Fætter Toast Bar


On my neighbourhood tour of Nørrebro, my AirBnB host Georg eagerly pointed out Fætter Fætter Toast Bar. Literally meaning ‘cousins’ in Danish, this novel concept bar was started by two cousins who wanted a place to hang out, with simple but excellent food, and some drinks to go down with them. I squeezed in Fætter Fætter on my last day in Copenhagen, in the late afternoon after a rather extravagant three course lunch at Kødbyens Fiskebar earlier in the day.

To make a meal of it, they recommend ordering two to three dishes per person. I however had to make a snack of it, having to exercise extreme self-control in just ordering one dish (I had grand plans to also sit down to a bowl of ramen at 9.30pm that night). The cousins evidently are a bit cheeky, with menu items such as ‘Fucking Toast’, their version of a Danish croque Monsieur, and ‘Chessus Christ’, a grilled cheese sandwich laden with rocket and almond pesto named as such. They have open faced toasts as well, and a few sides to complete the picture, such as dressed up avocado (as it reads) and dessert toast.

Georg waxed lyrical about how the ‘Tuna Meltdown’ was his favourite, so who was I to counter him until I’d tried it for myself? So I ordered the tuna melt toast, and a tall glass of house-made lemonade that was enormous, tangy with a slightly grown up bitter bite to it. Perched in the front window at a white butcher-tiled bench, watching some Danish hipsters smoking outside in the freezing cold, my tuna melt arrived to me on an almost surgical, canteen-issue steel plate, with some cornichons and a big splodge of fancy Big Mac sauce (well I think it’s like Big Mac sauce). Home-made tuna salad, paprika spread and Danish white cheese was sandwiched between crunchy, buttery toast. The almost velvety tuna, molten cheese and crunchy toast was a textural delight, and all my negative childhood notions of tuna sandwiches vanished in an instant. Now this is the way to eat a tuna sandwich.

Fætter Fætter Toast Bar
Griffenfeldsgade 17
2200 København