Møller Kaffe and Køkken

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Møller Kaffe and Køkken (Café and Kitchen) is the place to partake of brunch while visiting Copenhagen. Their original location was barely a stone’s throw from where I was staying in the neighbourhood of Norrebrø. The textured woodwork, draped light pendants and black chalk boards gives the café a feel of industrial, modern chic.

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Whilst the traditional café model often limits the individual to one dish only, Møller Kaffe and Køkken’s menu is designed with variety in mind. The menu is laid out as a series of courses where diners are encouraged to order three to four dishes each. Pick your bread; a cold dish; an eggy dish; a hot dish. And hell, if you can fit it in, a sweet one too.

Møller’s menu is an inspired one, with options such as sunny fried eggs with duck confit and horseradish, and lemongrass waffle with orange, chilli and soft-toasted lime meringue. Among the dishes with a more international flavour are also dishes with a more Danish leaning, such as the Danbo cheese, a local semi-soft aged cow’s milk cheese, paired with cucumber and watercress.

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I plumped for the combination of dark rye sourdough, fresh Danish burrata with tomato and truffle vinaigrette and soft-boiled egg with home-made aromatics and cress. And an iced latte, because they had the heating cranked pretty high inside. The entire experience was extremely satisfying for an indecisive individual like myself. The sourdough was steaming hot and freshly baked and slathered with world-famous Danish butter. The Danish burrata was creamy and well juxtaposed by the sharp tomato and truffle vinaigrette. The soft-boiled egg was served alongside of small dish of mystery spices which I sprinkled over its gooey yolk, with a warm, mustardy finish lent by the baby cress. Every sense was catered for in one meal.

Møller’s tagline is ‘We believe the first meal of the day should be an inspiration’. Amen to that.  

Møller Kaffe and Køkken
Nørrebrogade 160
2200 København