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For those who have never stepped foot in Rosie, it is probably better known as the all-day eatery in which 'Ponytail-gate' took place. Despite being shrouded in infamy (I wonder if our ex-prime minister frequents it anymore), it has come to be known, for me anyway, as a place to getaway in the 'burbs, where the food farm fresh and the parking is free.

The philosophy of bringing great produce from farm to plate that permeates Hip Group's various establishments prevails at Rosie with their small but ever-changing seasonal menu. It's Jerusalem artichoke season currently and I recently had the pleasure of enjoying this esoteric tuber at Rosie alongside beef shortrib so perfectly cooked it was melt in your mouth, accompanied by  a creamy 'choke emulsion, caramelised onions and date puree. This is modern bistro cooking at its best. My other half Elliott enjoyed shades of pink, in the form of tickled pink venison loin, magenta beetroot whose sweetness was offset beautifully by the tang of goats cheese and buttermilk.

If I'm being honest, I wasn't particularly drawn by their dessert offerings. Ditto to their cabinet desserts, which we sadly did order. But their brunch and day-time menu I'll keep coming back for. I've had a number of house-made sausages in various guises, one a spicy merguez which delivered in punchy flavour, and a mellower lamb and kumara one that was earthy and comforting. The eggs have been baked, poached and wrapped around smoked fish and squeaky capers as a delicate omelette, all excellent. Their garlic roast potatoes makes one wonder why they bother eating teeny, insipid shoestring fries.

Rosie showcases food in an both an impressive and stylish fashion that will keep locals and those from further afield coming back for more.

82 Gladstone Road