Daily Bread


If you thought carbs are the devil, and pastries are dead, well you would be wrong. The team behind Orphan's Kitchen opened Daily Bread, a bakery in an old bank at the Point Chevalier shops a while back and it's safe to say I'm a bit obsessed. Whether I'm after a spot of brunch, or just a coffee and croissant to go, Daily Bread so oft has fit the bill. There was a time where I visited on consecutive weekends, and the girl at the till had a twinkle in her eye like she just knew "You were here last weekend, weren't you?" 

It pays to get here in the morning, sort of early-ish. Because you want to pick up a croissant when it's just come out of the oven, still hot and crisp. That way you don't have to ask that notorious staffer to 'warm it up a bit', at which point he'll look at you like you just said "I voted for Donald Trump." Whilst on the subject of croissants, or their pastries in general, they're easily the best I've had, ever.  The balance of crispiness, luxury and puff is spot on. Their hazelnut croissants are beautiful, a little sweet, but not too much. It makes me wonder why we only seem to be able to get almond croissants up until now. 


They have toast with stuff on top which serves to showcase how great their in-house bread loaves are. The sprouted lentil sourdough is dark, caramelly, dense and nutty, and came with smoked fish and pickled egg aloft. My only gripe (and it's a small one) is that the pickled egg tasted more sweet than pickled. Emma and I liked their bread so much we bought a loaf each on our way out. I'm also a big fan of their more traditional kumara sourdough which was served as toast soldiers with soft boiled eggs, avocado and their own Orphan's marmite (a teensy bit sweeter and runnier than the real thing).  For fish lovers, their lunch time fish plate serves a selection of smoked and cured fish with labneh, and a wee more of that pickled egg. It's a homage to the Jewish appetiser bars of yore, and I'm all over it. Their iced white coffee (Supreme incase you're wondering) is excellent and went down a treat in the summer months. 

Daily Bread 
1210 Great North Road
Point Chevalier
Auckland 1022
Open seven days, 7am - 3pm.